US History Part 1 | Pre-Columbian - Spanish Colonialism - French - Dutch - British

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A - Pre Columbian Era

Red Indians

US Red Indians : 10,000 BC To 1513 AD

American Indians Settled 40,000 Years Ago They Come From Central Asia Via Alaska

But Research Has Shown That Their Actual Presence In The From Of Small States Began At Least 10,000 Years Ago

Scientists Believe That Several Small Indian Tribes With The Tribal System On The Banks Of The Mississippi River But Did Not Know Exactly The Number And All This Before The Advent Of European Explorers 1492 AD

History Of The Indians Was Deliberately Obliterated In The USA By The European Invaders

B - Colonial Period

Spanish Colonialism

Spanish Colonialism : 1513 To 1763

The Spanish Arrived On 1492 Under The Leadership Of The Italian Explorer (Christopher Columbus) To The Caribbean

In 1513 The Spaniards Led By (Juan Ponce De Lion) Name'd (Florida) Arrived In Florida Region Then In California On 1540 And Then Began To Expand In The US South And West South

The Spanish Established Cities In USA / Some Of

Florida - Los Angeles - Francisco - San Diego - San Antonio - The Spaniards Exterminated The American Indians And Drove Them To The North

French Colonialism

French Colonialism : 1534 To 1763

France Took Over Large Parts Of The Present US Territory

The Occupied Geographical Area Was Very Wilde Extending From The North East To The Great Lakes And The Eastern & Southern Central To The Gulf Of Mexico

France Defeated Fierce Indian American Armed Resistances In Indiana - Illinois

The French Established Cities / Some Of 

Illinois - Indiana - Louisiana - New Orleans

The Frenches Relied On Genocide And The Forced Displacement Of American Indians

Dutch Colonialism

Dutch Colonialism : 1600 To 1665

The Dutch Presence In The USA Has Not Lasted For Many Years , It Was a Commercial Formality And Some  Castles In Some North Eastern Area

The Dutch Existence Ended Between 1600 - 1665 Almost

Dutch Colonialism Characterized By Tolerance Of Religions & Local Cultures & Indigenous Peoples 

The Dutch Established Cities / Some Of 

New Nether-land In New-York State

British Colonialism

British Colonialism : 1607 To 1776

British Forces Began To Occupy The North East Coast At The Beginning Of The 17th CEntury

The First British Colony Was On 1607 In (James Town) On The Banks Of The James River In Virginia And Then Established 13 Colonies

Most Popular Indian Uprising Against The British Was (Uprising Of Bohan 1622) In Virginia

Because Of The Cruel Treatment Of The British Towards The Europeans Settlers , The Spirit Of Rebellion Against The British Presence Began

Britain Brought Black Africans To Work As Slaves In 1670 To 1676 Where Africans Blacks Became 1/5 Of The Population Of The 13 British Colonies

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