US History Part 2 | US Revolution - Establishment - US Civil War - US Expansion

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A - US Revolution

The Great Revolution : 1775 To 1783

The American Of European Origins Rebelled Against The English Rule Of The 13 Colonies In 1775 Under The Leadership Of General (George Washington)

Armies Of France And Spain And Holland Supported The American Revolution

The Revolution Lasted 8 Years

On 04 / 07 / 1776 USA Took It's Independence And Was Name'd The United States Of America

British Armies Withdrew On 1783 Forever

B - Establishment

The New Country "The United States Of America"

Establishment : 04 / 07 / 1776

The First Capital Was New York / Then Philadelphia / Then Washington D.C On 1800

The First Constitution Was On 1789

George Washington Is The First US President 1789 To 1797

Some Conflict & Rebellion Began To Emerge Of Time To Time , But Were Eliminated

The American-French War On 1796 To 1798 Ended With US Victory

US States Began Joining The Federation One By One

C - US Civil War

US Civil War : 1861 To 1865

11 States In The South Declared Separation And War Against USA On 1861

Main Reasons Of This Civil War Were Because 

Supported Of The US President (Abraham Lincoln) Of Blacks Rights And Because He Wanted Liberated Them

The US Troops Defeated The Rebel Forces On 1865

On 1865 US President Declared The Liberation Of Slaves

At That Time Blacks Africans Were 4 Million

620,000 Soldiers Died During 4 Years Of Fighting Of Both Sides

D - US Expansion

US Expanding : 1875 To 1900

USA Brought The Peninsula Of (Alaska) From Russia

Some Pacific Islands Were Occupied As (Hawaii) Which Become An US State

Some Caribbean Area Have Been Occupied As (Puerto Rico) Which Become An US Territory

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